An unbiased review of Poker Training Network – is a good Business Opportunity PTN

If you read this unbiased review of Poker Training Network, chances are you are thinking about becoming a dealer. I would encourage you to read this review all you can make an informed decision before you, take your wallet and connect. I will reveal that I am not a dealer PTN know so simple, you will actually have a neutral third party messaging view.First things first, Lets talk about the company. Poker Training Network also known as PTN was founded in 2009 in Addison, Texas by a man named Dennis Nadeau. It sells companies access to what they most state of the art poker training site and see the ever created. PTN is designed to provide a training aid and an economic opportunity for all poker players skill levels, including those who have never before.As regard can be obtained on the product, Poker Training Network, a Web site that 3D poker simulation , videos, article, training strategies and access to a network of experienced poker enthusiasts. PTN offers 3 different packages, the poker-TEL, Players Club and Poker are Edge. The Poker Poker TEL offers class in addition to hundreds of training and education of Texas Hold Em lessons. Poker Edge is the ultimate package that provides a personal digital poker trainer. Provides access to software tools to monitor your play and start after a training assessment is. If you wan a professional poker player as this is an excellent tool to have.Now allowed cover the compensation plan. Poker Training Network offers multiple ways of income is by selling it to earn as an affiliate product. You are rewarded in 5 different ways: retail commissions, commissions team, matching share bonuses, global leadership pools, 3rd-party sponsorship and advertising revenue. PTN offers a proprietary online social networking site, as a tool for exploring the lead generation, can act to improve the economy. The compensation provides fair and can be very lucrative for the right person.In Poker Training Network Connect is a credible company with a good product and business opportunity. Are you a real poker player you can streamline your skills poker and make money at the same time. You never know, you could win some money at the poker table as well. At the end of the day a success with this on your ability to leave the market, dealers, customers and sponsor into your business. To do this, you know how to market needs and generate leads. I would recommend allowing a proven attraction marketing system that allows you to generate leads and make money, even if nobody joins your business. If you can find something introduced, it is not clear how successful you are with PTN.

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