Las Vegas Poker – from a female player’s Point Of View

As a female poker player and resident of Las Vegas, I’m always in poker tournaments in the city interested specifically for women. Do not get me wrong – I enjoy playing poker events with both sexes, probably more than only female poker tournaments. But any woman who plays women’s events, knows that there is a marked increase in the fun and camaraderie level, it becomes a bit more of a social feeling. You may not find out I won the most money, but I have some of my best friends in Las Vegas Ladies Poker by playing poker rooms in Las Vegas events.Most offer no special ladies poker tournaments met. Especially in this tough economic times, most poker rooms have their poker tournament scheduled to bare bones in comparison to shorten this period in recent years. If they do, they are simply not well advertised. So I need to visit the LIPS Tour Website ( accustomed to find the occasional event and participation in the WSOP Ladies Event every year.I come across a website only the other day, the surprisingly provided information for some ladies poker tournaments, until now I had no idea existed. The site is called Las Vegas Poker Source and I had not visited, I would not know that Planet Hollywood is a women’s tournament every Tuesday evening at 9pm added. Fiesta Henderson you every Monday at 5pm. Excalibur hosted each Friday night at 8pm. And as I examined the site Poker Tournament tab, I continued to find all types of events ladies! Not only do Las Vegas poker these little-known information source to offer for me as a player, but they have every day Las Vegas poker tournament recorded in detail, including contact information and a write up for each unique poker room structures (blind levels, starting chips, etc.) and much more. I was also excited to see that it is a Poker Training tab on the website have. I’m considering is a poker coach for a while now, and there are several links to training with some of the top pros out there, and even some you can do from the comfort of your home by video . If’re completely a poker junkie like me, you can also Las Vegas Poker Source follow your Twitter account (@ LVPokerSource) and receive Tweets about a half hour before starting a poker tournament. So now when I’m bored or feeling the itch to play the go, I always have some options on my convenience.This tournament is a poker site that I’ve added to my bookmarks tab as a favorite and I suggest it as well. It fills a major gap that I have filled in a poker game in Las Vegas resident, had for some time. It looks like I will play much more besides just the World Series of Poker 2010 Ladies Event this year!